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Supported in Just BASIC Supported in Liberty BASIC Not supported in Liberty BASIC 5 Supported in Run BASIC


This function attempts to create the directory specified in dirName. If successful, the function returns 0; otherwise, a system error code is returned.
See MSDN for a list of System Error Codes (0-499)
See also RMDIR() to remove a directory.


  1. retValue = mkdir("dirName")


To confirm that the directory was successfully created, use this test to check the value returned by the function:
    result =  mkdir("dirName")
    if result <> 0 then notice "Directory not created."
If the directory already exists, MKDIR() will return non-zero.
You can check the returned error code, where 183 means "ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS".
If you need to create nested directories, like "dir1\dir2", you should first create the upper level directory ("dir1"), then the lower level ("dir1\dir2")
Attempting to create "dir1\dir2" without existing "dir1" will fail with error code 3, "ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND".


' To add a folder named "temp" in the current directory
' and confirm that the folder was created:

    result = mkdir("temp")
    ' Check if folder already exists
    if result = 183 then print "Folder already exists."

    ' Test if successful
    if result <> 0 then
        print "Folder was not created."
        print "Folder has been created in ";DefaultDir$
    end if


Useful Procedures

' Place a useful function or sub using this keyword here