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Not supported in Just BASIC Not supported in Liberty BASIC Not supported in Liberty BASIC 5 Supported in Run BASIC


You can position the drawing pen in a graphic object with the Place() method.


  1. #handle PLACE(x, y) - Set the position to be x, y


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The following demo positions the drawing pen, then retrieves the coordinates and prints the values in the graphics area.

'create a graphic object
graphic #g, 800, 600

'locate the drawing pen at 10,10
#g place(10,10)

'retrieve the X coordinate of the pen
posX = #g X()

'retrieve the Y coordinate of the pen
posY = #g Y()

'print the info in the graphic object
 #g "\The pen position is ";posX;", ";posY

'display graphic on web page
render #g

Useful Procedures

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